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Pizza Dough
Pizza Dough
Pizza Dough

We use a secret pizza dough recipe made from a two-part fermentation process. Aged for a minimum of 48 hours, it results in the most irresistibly delicious, crispy, super digestible and airy bread-like crust in the world. Toppings are equally superior: home-made tomato sauce, seasoned with 12 fresh herbs and spices and packed with flavour; 60-day aged mozzarella, harvested daily from an award-winning farm in Caserta, Italy, and the finest seasonal toppings.

Simply put, the best pizza this side of the pond.

New York Pizza Crust

Pizza Dough
Pizza Dough
Pizza Dough

Our dough making process uses a multi faceted technique that ensures consistency. Aged for a minimum of 48 hours, the dough is developed through a cold rise fermentation process. Such a technique ensures our dough consistently has proper texture, flavor and lightness. The outcome is our irresistibly delicious crispy, light, airy bread-like crust.

Our pizza crust is more digestible, too. NY Fold ages our dough longer so the yeast breaks down the complex starches which ensures crust that is easier for your stomach to digest. No more bloated and over full feeling after eating pizza. Only the grandness of the taste shines through.


Pizza Toppings
Spicy Pizza
Carbonara Pizza

Our pizza sauce consists of robust, Italian grown tomatoes that are picked & packed within 3hrs!

We would never compromise our pizza by using processed tomatoes or tomatoes from concentrate. The hallmark of this sauce is that it is perfectly seasoned with 12 fresh herbs and spices. It is packed with flavor. There are never any artificial ingredients or preservatives used on our pizza sauce.

The mozzarella used is made from fresh whole milk, harvested daily, from a farm in Caserta, Italy with a 5 star Milk & Dairy Board certification. Our award winning New York Pizza mozzarella has a butter-fat content of three percent. Our 60 day aged mozzarella is always spread on the sauce with a heavy hand. Get to London to try this deleicious combination.

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